Why sponsor podcasts?


Podcasts have the most loyal and engaged audience as they feel like they’re being spoken to directly. Audience members form relationships with the show and become hooked on the content.


Podcasts can become part of the daily routine. Whether it’s during their commute, exercise, walking the dog or other rituals, the audience can listen while doing other things – and therefore consume more content.


The name check on every episode is only part of the exposure the sponsor gets. We promote our podcast across our website, social media, email newsletters and in print.


All episodes are available all the time. This means your sponsorship will be permanently accessible to new listeners.


No one ever says they’re just flipping through podcasts. Listeners make a conscious choice to listen and are much more invested in the show and, by association, the products and services advertised.

The conversations that count

The kbbreview Podcast is all about conversation, dialogue and personal intimate stories. Our audience is highly engaged; they have chosen to download and take the time to listen to our content. This makes the featured marketing messages within each podcast episode extremely memorable.

Sponsorship of this platform enables you to highlight your own values and tell the stories that you want to tell. More than that, The kbbreview Podcast offers a unique opportunity to weave your brand into the fabric of the ongoing industry narrative.

Getting your brand in front of as many relevant people as possible is great but also having the opportunity to target the most engaged and responsive members of that audience – the superfans – with a specific message is a unique way to underpin those values.

The kbbreview Podcast talks directly to leading retailers and suppliers, discussing key issues, evaluating the market, advising on best practice and predicting the future of the sector.

And now, with well over 120 episodes and more added every week, the kbbreview Podcast continues to offer a fountain of kbb stories, advice, reassurance and inspiration.

Andrew Davies, managing editor, Taylist Media



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