The kbb industry’s biggest influencer

Knowing where to spend your precious marketing budget in a way that truly delivers return is a constant dilemma. Deciphering which channels offer value, results and service is always tricky and unlimited choice can sometimes be as much a burden as a blessing for the time-poor marketeer.

At Taylist Media, we get it.

We get the pressures you have to deliver results and we get that for your marketing to be as effective as possible you need a media partner to deliver the maximum engagement from the audience.
We ONLY operate in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market and we use this dedicated expert, in-depth industry knowledge and experience to understand the audience better than anyone else.
We know what works and what doesn’t, and we know what B2B or B2C audiences in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sector want from their media.

At Taylist, we like to keep it simple and our approach is built around a very straight forward premise – putting your ideas in front of an engaged and highly relevant audience will deliver more high value response. And the more that audience knows and respects the medium and brand the more amplified that response will become.

And that’s it.

Quality content drives everything we do. Our core philosophy is to give our audiences what they want, when they want it, through whatever medium they choose in that moment. This long-term commitment to content means our heritage in this market is unrivalled and our audiences trust, respect and engage with our products more than any other media brand.

As a result, we understand your goals and how to reach them better than anyone and as an independent publisher we can be as nimble, creative and flexible as we choose. We can work hand-in-hand with you to develop truly bespoke packages that tell your story, deliver your messages and meet your goals.

At Taylist Media, we don’t think it should be any more complicated than that.

Julie Williams,
managing director, Taylist Media