Magazine circulation


100% controlled

  • kbbreview is driven by the quality of its content. We write wholly for our core audience, understand what they need, what is truly relevant and what engages them.
  • We deliver that unique content across multiple platforms to ensure our audience can engage with it whenever and wherever they choose.
  • kbbreview has a 100% requested controlled circulation which simply means we know the name of everyone who receives it and, what’s more, they’ve all asked to receive it. 

*ABC average net certification Jan-Dec 2021

The retailer champion

kbbreview is at the heart of the kbb industry. It unites the independent kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retail market and is its advocate, champion and partner. Our highly relevant and supportive content is delivered across print, online, email newsletters, podcasts and events, and we proudly remain the media brand the industry turns to time and time again.

And it’s this unique relationship with its audience that can answer a marketeer’s most basic question – how do you get your messages, brands and products in front of independent kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retailers in an effective and engaging way?

Since we started in 1984 we’ve worked hard, and invested heavily, in making kbbreview a media brand that they respect and trust to understand them and their business.

We talk and engage with our audience and can be trusted to put the full weight of that knowledge behind making your campaigns as successful as possible. We know who we’re going to, we work very hard to make sure we’re relevant to them because we know they’re relevant to you.

We also believe that the kbbreview principles of great, applicable content are consistent across all mediums. The quality of what is delivered is always the most important consideration but that is followed closely by ensuring that our audience can engage with it whenever and wherever they choose via which ever medium they choose.

Kbbreview is built on partnerships. We know that the best commercial relationships come from truly working together with our valued clients and understanding their business and objectives. When you combine that knowledge with the creativity, flexibility and fast-feet of the market-leading media channel the results can be limitless.

Rebecca Nottingham, editor, kbbreview