• Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms is the only magazine dedicated to the three most important rooms in the house.
  • It is a proudly niche magazine that aims to educate readers on the detail of a KBB project as well and inspire through amazing imagery,
  • It delivers, and can influence, a highly engaged audience who are right at the point of researching a real project.

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The only dedicated kitchen, bedroom and bathroom magazine in the UK

For over 30 years Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms has been the guide that holds the consumer’s hand as they journey towards completing their dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project.

We know better than anyone else that when consumers set out on a new project, they’re hungry for trends and creative ideas. Such a major purchase compels consumers to dive into the process looking for the products and solutions that they didn’t know existed, needed or desired.

We are inspired and shaped by the audience we’re proud to get to know as we travel those journeys together. Our connection with the consumer is what makes us truly unique. We are the only dedicated kitchen, bedroom and bathroom magazine in the UK and are unashamedly and proudly niche.

With broad interiors titles your best hope is that you might catch people at the moment they are thinking about a new project. But, at Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, we can guarantee you catch them at precisely that moment when they are at their most engaged and greedy for detail, nuance and ideas.

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms changes minds and preconceptions; it inspires consumers to consider new ideas and new possibilities through expert influence. We’re uniquely placed to create desire and can unquestionably influence their choices through education, inspiration and knowledge.

We are experts, believing in creativity and the power of ideas, understanding both the market and consumer behaviour as well as the subtle differences that define value for money. We deliver a highly engaged and concentrated audience in an environment where your brand has maximum impact.

Georgina Townshend, editor, KBB