Why commercial content


More impact

Campaigns with magazine display and commercial content are almost 17% more impact than display alone…
(Metrics That Matter, Magnetic 2016)



Nearly three-quarters of consumers said they feel a close connection with the magazine brands they read – both in print and digital…
(PAMCo April 2019 – March 2020)



Print and digital magazine media is highly trusted by 87% of consumers…
(PAMCo April 2019 – March 2020)


Budget boost

Just over four-fifths of magazine readers looking specifically for kitchen and bathroom products maintained or increased their the budget for their project after reading magazines…
(Home Truths, Magnetic – 2018)


Budget lift

Of those that increased their budget, they did so by an average of 39%…
(Home Truths, Magnetic – 2018)

Commercial content

Brands have stories to tell. They can be stories about your values, your people, your products or your heritage, but to be memorable, all stories need to be told in the most engaging and characterful way possible.

At Taylist Media we offer a unique service for our clients that helps you tell your stories through the distinctive, trusted and respected voice of our products.

We call it Commercial Content and, at its simplest, it is content approved and shaped by you that looks and reads like a piece of natural editorial.

But, in reality, it is so much more than that.

Commercial content captures audiences’ attention and encourages much more direct engagement than display advertising. It allows for so much more detail and gives the reader the chance to identify what is most important to them and answers their questions.

And, most importantly, they trust it more.

Our Commercial Content is managed and created by our hugely experienced editorial teams and our journalists will work with you to understand your aims and goals and then together create a high quality, meaningful and unique piece of content that will seamlessly fit into our print, online or digital channels.

Great commercial content can be about new products or services, an interview with the new boss, your top designer or even case studies of happy customers. The possibilities are endless and we will work together to find the best solution for your aims and objectives.

Let us put our expertise, knowledge and experience together with yours to create something truly memorable.

Dean Buckingham, sales manager, Taylist Media