Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms is the number one magazine in its sector. It leads the market with its superlative editorial, innovative distribution and top circulation.

By a recognised independent measure, it is the best-selling niche consumer magazine in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market.

We have invested heavily in a distribution model that means the vast majority of the copies we print end up in the hands of engaged, relevant consumers.

We know that our readers are buying our magazine for one simple reason – they are starting or continuing the purchasing journey of a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. That’s why our editorial content has always been governed by two key tenets - aspiration and education.

It starts with fantastic inspirational imagery and aesthetic ideas covering the latest trends and classic styles but then goes in-depth with an indispensible mix of hints, guidance and expert advice designed to help the reader make the right decisions to complete their dream rooms.

KBB magazine continues to be led by an impartial and independent editorial team. We never sell editorial, ensuring Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms is trusted by the consumer and reflects the integrity of the brands that partner with us through advertising.

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For editorial enquiries contact Lindsay Blair on 020 8515 2068 or [email protected]

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